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Albouystown youth defies the odds; says music helped him make good choices

Albouystown youth defies the odds; says music helped him make good choices

Local Singer Matthew ‘Lacoste’  Nelson performing at a party 

Growing up without a father in the ‘ghetto’ is no walk in the park, and young Matthew Nelson knows this all too well. Due to the hardships that he and his family faced, the thought of entering into the criminal world cross his mind many times over.


But it was his love for music that kept this 20-year-old focused on pursuing alternatives that would take him out of poverty, and help him earn the respect of his peers and community.  And thanks to his good choices in life so far, this is exactly what he enjoys – respect and love from others.


Initially he loved Vybz Kartel and Mavado, but when ‘Alkaline’ (Jamaican singer Earlan Bartley) came along, he found that his attention shifted and he leaned more towards the positive vibes that emanated from this artiste’s music.


Known by his stage name ‘Lacoste Boss,’ which came from a song he sang with that title, Matthew is all about being positive and helping others to be the same, especially the youths in the ghetto areas across the City.


He has been into music since his high school days, and he has always dreamt of making it big on the international stage. But he is not just interested in elevating himself for personal gains. He wants to be able to help other artistes like himself and kids who have a hard life like the one he had.


Albouystown youth defies the odds...Says music helped him make good choices
20-year-old Matthew Nelson

Speaking with the BIG Smith News Watch on Saturday, Matthew said he grew up in Albouystown with his single-parent mom, and he recalled how many days there would be no food on the table, and how he had to pick up odd-jobs in the community just to keep some money in his pocket.


“Music has been my passion. It gave me comfort,” he expressed. And when Alkaline came out a few years ago, Matthew was impressed that a young man like himself was making such a positive impact through his music.


“I never liked the gang thing in Albouystown, so I started following Alkaline and thinking positively. He became my idol, because he changed the whole Dancehall industry.”


Matthew then started writing his own music.


“I could have been a bad boy or a thief, but music saved my life. Growing up in the ghetto without a father…friends come and carry you to do all sorts of things; to rob and kill. But I believe everyone has a mind of their own. Everyone has the ability to make good choices, but sometimes they refuse,” he pointed out.


To date, he said he has written countless songs, and has also recorded and released many. Commenting on where he gets his inspiration from, he said: “I look around in my environment at the people who motivate others and those who discourage them. I try to be around positive people who would give you that push that you need.”


Matthew doesn’t have a music manager, but he is proud of the fact that he has been able to accomplish quite a lot on his own. He has recorded some of his music at AJ Studio, which he described as a top recording studio, located at Meten-Meer-Zorg on the West Coast of Demerara.


Matthew is no lazy man. He does a 9 to 5 job and still finds time for his music. “I always deh on the grind; work never done. But I believe that if you don’t try, you won’t get a result. There is no one to give you anything, so you have to keep trying. So I never stop working.”


He was also keen to offer some well-meaning advice to his fellow youths, especially those who may be struggling to get their career off the ground. “If someone tells you they don’t like your song, go and write another one. One day in life you must find a hit song.”


Matthew wants to put the music being made in Guyana on the entertainment world map, because he said for too long, local talent has been hidden.

“I know one day I will make it big. I know I will never change and forget where I came from. I want to remain humble and really be in a position to help others,” he said.


Matthew has in the past received bookings to perform at parties and such like, but due to COVID-19, he has hardly been able to perform. However, at the very next party that he is slated to perform, he is promising to “lockdown the place.