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Additional reshuffling within Police Force takes effect today

Additional reshuffling within police takes effect today

Commissioner of Police (Acting) Nigel Hoppie

Movements within the Guyana Police Force command structure continue to take place.

Effective today (Wednesday), Superintendent Dion Moore will take up command position for Regional Division 7 which was previously held by Senior Superintendent Lord who is now on pre-retirement leave.

Senior Superintendent Ravindradt Budhram will now be heading the Guyana Police Force Special Branch.

Senior Superintendent Edmond Cooper will be taking over the command post at Regional Division 5, while the previous commander there will function as his deputy.

Former Commander of Regional Division 4-A, Phillip Azore has been sent to the Strategic Management Department (SMD) otherwise known as ‘the Pen’. The SMD is a department where officers of the force who do not find favour with the administration are placed.

A number of current senior officers of the force, including Blanhum, Andries-Junior, Karimbaksh and others have all had a stint at that location.

Superintendent Roberts, who acted as the PAC – Personal Assistant to Commissioner Leslie James, has been sent to the Brickdam Police Station, where he is now in charge of the Impact Base.

Meanwhile, amidst all the movements within the force, there is also expected to be at least one secondment to take place that would see a senior officer being removed from the administration of the force.

Questions were raised about the movements of officers around the force and their transfers, with it being regarding as usurping the functions of the Police Service Commission.

It should, however, be noted that the Police Service Commission has no authority to sanction on the issue of transfers within the police force, as that function is the sole responsibility of the Commissioner of Police, who has the authority to transfer officers and ranks to any department within the force where he sees fit, and based on the direction he seeks to take the force.

The Police Service Commission is only empowered by law to promote and discipline officers from the rank of Inspector upwards.