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Accident victim vanishes: feared dead, driver arrested, car impounded

FEARED DEAD: Ronald Williams


Detectives have detained a popular East Coast Demerara DJ who they hope can lead them to a 50-year-old pedestrian, believed to have been dumped by a callous driver who struck him down at around 1:30 AM last Monday.

Renold Williams, called ‘Willo,’of Enmore, East Coast Demerara was reportedly struck down on the Enmore Public Road, some 150 yards from his home. He reportedly sustained severe injuries.

A friend who witnessed the accident said the driver and another occupant put the unconscious Williams in the vehicle and promised to take him to hospital.

They never did.

Despite checking at various hospitals and even mortuaries, Mr. Williams’ relatives have not located him.

Accident victim vanishes: feared dead, driver arrested, car impounded
The vehicle the police impounded

Police sources confirmed that they have impounded a badly damaged car, which was found abandoned in Enmore.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that the vehicle fits the description of the one that struck Williams.

Police have also detained the owner, who is an Enmore disc jockey. (His name was not provided to this publication)

But from the damage the vehicle sustained, investigators fear they may not find Mr. Williams alive.

From all indications, it will be a body that we will be recovering,” one source said.  

Investigators told BIG Smith News Watch that the detained DJ has denied all knowledge of the accident.

He reportedly suggested that the culprit is someone who took his vehicle without his permission. The car was reportedly parked in the DJ’s yard and the gate was locked.

Accident victim vanishes: feared dead, driver arrested, car impounded
The severity of ‘an’ impact has caused the airbags of the vehicle the police impounded, to become activated

The friend who witnessed the accident said Williams was walking on the public road  when a red vehicle, which was coming from the direction of Georgetown, struck Williams.

He recalled that Williams lay on the road and “was barely breathing”. His entire head was bloodied, and his left arm appeared to have been broken.

The friend said the driver and another individual exited and put Mr. Williams in the vehicle. “They told me that they were taking him to the Melanie Hospital, then they drive away in the direction of Georgetown” said the friend, who managed to memorise the registration plate number. 

There is only a Health Centre at Melanie Damishana. A staffer there said that no accident patient was admitted on Monday.

Upon learning Williams had been injured, relatives made frantic checks at that health centre and other medical institutions. They even checked various morgues, but came up empty handed.

“We checked all around…Accident and Emergency…wards…funeral parlours…also private hospitals. We checked up to yesterday. “I’m just exhausted, a female relative said.