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Abuser keeps promise of killing self if victim makes police report

The body of Simon is covered as it lay in the yard where he shot himself

A woman on Tuesday managed to get out of an abusive relationship with her life while her abuser died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Dead is Jermaine Simon who is said to be in his 40s’.

Simon killed him in the alleyway to his home seconds after the police showed up at the property to arrest him in relation to a report of abuse and threats which were made against him by his reputed wife.

The shaken woman told the media operatives that Monday night she was subjected to abuse and a beating with a handgun by Simon.

According to what we were told, Simon on Monday night also threatened the woman that if she brings the police on him, the police and himself will either end up in a shootout or he would end his own life.

He made good on those threats to end his own life after the police showed up with the victim to effect an arrest. In order for her to visit the police station on Tuesday, she had to tell the man that she was going to work.

It was also reported that the man was seen walking around the yard with the gun in a nervous posture moments before the police arrived. Persons in the area then called the victim to warn her that it might not be safe for her to show up at the home.