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“A lot of opportunities will be cut off”- Manickchand to unvaccinated students

As she gears to start a house-to-house campaign to encourage citizens to consider taking their respective coronavirus vaccines, Education Minister Priya Manickchand on Friday told a gathering of mostly school aged girls that not taking their vaccine will see “a lot of opportunities” being cut off from them around the world.

The Education Minister made reference to a number of international universities and other learning institutions barring unvaccinated applicants from their institutions and programs.

“You are going to have to use the learning you receive to make sensible decisions in life and that ranges from making sensible decisions in a pandemic like wearing your mask, social distancing, sanitizing and being vaccinated,” Manickchand said while at the West Demerara Secondary School.

“The vaccine is the thing to get us out of the pandemic”- Manickchand added.

She however candidly told the students that millions of persons were given their covid-19 vaccines and while there are a few bad reactions to the vaccines, the majority of persons who took their vaccines are in a safer and better place today.

“This is the way to get out of the pandemic and reclaim your life and thrive and if you dont do it now, you will be severely limited and you will not be allowed to expand your education, among other things,” Minister Manickchand explained to the girls.

Her Excellency Arya Ali arrives at the West Demerara Secondary School to launch her Menstrual Hygiene Initiative

Manickchand this morning accompanied First Lady Arya Ali to Region 3 where Her Excellency will be launching her Menstrual Hygiene Initiative  in that region.