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A leg for ex-officer Wendy Bradshaw

A leg for ex-officer Wendy Bradshaw

Prison Director Elliot, third from left along with retired officer Wendy Bradshaw and other members pose for a photograph on Friday

Parting with a body part would never be easy as it undoubtedly affects one’s ability to function a hundred percent and such dispositions does have implications for one’s mental and physical health.

On Friday, former Prion Officer Wendy Bradshaw who had a leg amputation was gifted a prosthetic leg compliments of the Ex- Prison Officers Association and the Guyana Prison Service. ‘Officer’ Wendy Bradshaw served the Guyana Prison Service devotedly for 27 years of her life and even after retirement has been finding ways to still serve the organization.

An emotion Miss Bradshaw thanked the persons who supported the various initiatives that now allow her to move around independently for the most part and do a lot of things independently with reduced reliance on persons.

Procuring the leg for Ms. Bradshaw is a process that began earlier this year by the association which raised funds through activities that started last year. Shirly Crossman, a member of the association was identified as a key player in the process.

The team indicated that after the idea was pitched to the Director of Prisons, he readily jumped on board and after the fundraising activities were complete, the Prison Service provided the remainder needed to procure the leg

Prison Director Elliot remarked that supporting the process was necessary and vital as the Prison Service feels very strongly about the welfare of not only its serving members but those who would have also retired.