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72 Y-O Granny and son hospitalized after drinking Canada Dry

72 Y-O Granny and son hospitalized after drinking Canada Dry

Two residents of Princess Street, Lodge, Georgetown were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Sunday morning after experiencing an abnormal reaction to a bottle of Canada Dry they consumed. The 1litre drink was purchased sealed moments before.

Hospitalized are 72-year-old pensioner Wavney Lewis and her son, 48-year-old taxi driver Calvin Osbourne, both of Lot 144 Princess Street.

Speaking with a relative of the duo, BIG Smith News Watch was told that the brand of beverage is a favorite of the pensioner. The drink was bought frozen by the woman’s son from a nearby shop known as ‘Aunty Pam’.

Once home, Osbourne poured two glasses of the beverage for his mother and himself. There was also a guest at the house but she opted not to have the drink.

It was the guest who later saw the abnormal reaction of the mother and her son, moments after they sipped the beverage. The woman called another relative who took the duo to the hospital.

According to what was communicated to this publication, Osbourne began frothing and vomiting while Ms. Lewis began making strange sounds with her eyes turning up and was not being able to bring up back the beverage. It was after she was given some milk that she managed to froth a bit.

At the Georgetown Public Hospital, doctors reportedly indicated that the substance seems to be corrosive hence they will be unable to flush out the stomachs of the two persons. They were treated and are being monitored until blood results return to determine their safety.

By this afternoon, the remaining of the beverage was confiscated by the police who have since took the contents for examination and to store as evidence.

The Police will be paying the shop owner a visit today also.