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68 youth under age 25 charged for murder/ serious crimes in 2021

Crime Chief, Deputy Commissioner of Police Wendell Blanhum on Monday reported that thus far for 2021, sixty-Eight young people inclusive of males and females were charged for a number of serious crimes ranging from murders, robberies, possession of firearms, break and enter and larceny.

Blanhum made the disclosure at the Annual Guyana Police Force Christmas Security presentation where the force rolls out its plans to police the city and its hubs during the busy Christmas period from November 15 of the running year to January 15, the following year.

So far November has recorded the lowest serious crimes rate with 26 reported serious crimes while the following figures were presented for the respective months gone by. October 112 serious crimes, September 147 serious crimes, August 200 Serious crimes, July 176 Serious crimes, June 188 Serious crimes, May 196 serious crimes, April 138 serious crimes, March 173 serious crimes, February 161 Serious crimes, and January 183 Serious crimes representing a total of 1700 serious crimes for January 01, 2021, to November 08, 2021.

The Crime Chief also presented figures of reported serious crimes committed over a ten-year period from 2012 to 2017, The figures are as follow:

Year 2012(3,760) Year-2013(4,204) Year 2014 (3,688), Year 2015,(3,925), Year 2016(3,330), Year 2017-(3,036), Year 2018 (2,681), Year 2019 (2,620), Year 2020 (2,468), year 2021 (1,700)