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350 House lots for Essequibo residents today and tomorrow

The Ministry of Housing through the Central Housing and Planning Authority, aims at distributing some three-hundred-fifty house lots in Essequibo starting this morning and ending tomorrow Saturday.

The distribution is part of the ministry’s ‘Dream Realize’ housing drive.

The allocations will be done at Onderneeming Phase Four; a newly established scheme andย applicants who were contacted by the Ministry recently, will be given priority.

โ€œOnce you have been contacted you can come in and commence the processโ€ฆ in our system it will reflect whether or not you have been offered a house lot at Onderneeming, and we are happy to say that we have cleared our backlog.โ€ Minister Susan Rodrigues explained to BIG Smith News Watch.

She said persons who did not receive a phone call, may also be facilitated.

โ€œIf you have not received a call it means your contact information has changed. So if you have an old application as well, we can facilitate you, you can come to us for the next two days and we will facilitate you.โ€

Persons who have been contacted, are advised to walk with a down payment of 35%.

The BIG Smith News Watch understands that low income house lots range from $92,000 to $150,000, while middle income house lots range at some $300,000.

In addition to the down payment, applicants are also advised to present their identification cards.