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31-Y-O mother and child die at public Hospital

A Corentyne family was plunged into a state of mourning after a newborn babygirl died at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital on Friday followed by the death of her 31-year-old mother at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Saturday.

The woman, Vanessa Sahadeo of Williamsburg, Corentyne, was admitted to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital on Monday last.

Her mother 53-year-old Clarice Cecil told reporters that Sahadeo was expected to deliver her baby last week since she was already at nine months term.

She disclosed that her daughter was healthy and displayed no signs of pain or discomfort.
Sahadeo was transferred to the labour room on Friday.

“She was taken in the labour room yesterday after she went there since Monday. She was told her pressure low and she was given prescription to buy the tablet and I go and see her and she walking strong strong and I ask she if he feeling any pain and she said she belly bottom hurting and her back,” Cecil told reporters.

The 53-year-old woman said on her return home from visiting her daughter, she received a phone call from a nurse at the New Amsterdam Hospital who informed her that Sahadeo gave birth, but the child died. Further, she was told that her daughter’s womb had to removed and doctors have started the procedure.

Cecil said she questioned the nurse about the condition of her daughter to which she was told that everything was okay before the call was disconnected.

The distraught mother returned a call to the hospital to enquire about the removal of her daughter’s womb when she was told that Sahadeo was being prepared to be taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

“My husband and I start cry and we rush down to New Amsterdam Hospital and them told us only one body them letting in, so me run go in and when I meet, I see her infront the door on a stretcher.

So me nah see she face because of the blanket and me start holler and them doctor was around sit down and them ah talk in Spanish…

“I ask them what happened because I think she dead and I start holler and them had a plastic thing and pump up she and she was jumping,” the mother explained.

The grieving mother said she touched her daughter’s hand and it was cold. She disclosed that she immediately rushed back outside the building and informed her husband.

A nurse followed her and informed the family that Sahadeo was not dead but needed blood and the hospital was out of supply.

The father of the deceased at the time was willing to purchase the blood for his daughter to ensure her safety.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that while arrangements for the blood was being made, an ambulance was being prepared to transfer the woman to Georgetown but another patient was given priority, leaving the 31-year-old behind.

Family members were told that they would have wait until the ambulance returned before Sahadeo could be sent to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

According to Cecil when she questioned a doctor as to what really took place, she was told that her daughter was severely damaged by doctors at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Cecil said she was informed that damage to the umbilical cord caused the child to die while the doctors clamped the unborn child and pulled it from the woman’s body damaging her womb in the process.

Subsequently, during attempts to remove the womb, it is alleged that one of her kidneys was damaged. At this point, the woman reportedly began to bleed profusely.

The 53-year-old woman said she was also told that her daughter’s pressure sky-rocketed causing damage to a vessel in her brain.

Meanwhile an in-law of the deceased, Joseph Lewis who took over from relatives in Berbice disclosed that at the Georgetown Public, doctors were awaiting the arrival Sahadeo and upon her arrival, they immediately went to work in order to save her life.

However, he said her condition had worsened.
Lewis related that he spoke with a consultant at the GPHC, he was told that while the woman’s blood pressure was high, there was no record showing that any medication was administered to stabilize the pressure.

This he said resulted in the rupture to the brain and the umbilical cord triggering the bleeding.

“And what they at the New Amsterdam Hospital decided to do at the eleventh hour was to do a C section that’s what the doctor told me whether they did that or not, the C section increased the bleeding…

“Now since the baby died, the other alternative was to go to save the mother and that’s to remove the womb but that didn’t help because blood started to flood the chamber and the bleeding increased so they pad it up, press it and put a tube in her to drain her and ship her away to Georgetown like a butchered cow,” Lewis told reporters.

Sahadeo passed away on Saturday morning after 3:00hr at the Georgetown Public Hospital.
The family is awaiting a post mortem examination and for the body to be handed over to them so that they can also do a private autopsy.

The woman also leaves to mourn three other children.