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$ 3 Million in Pholourie, egg-balls, puri and fishcake loss in protest says vendor

Some of the items which were on the ground yesterday following the protest

The state has began conducting an assessment of the loss and damage to property which several market vendors at Mon Repos suffered on Tuesday during protest actions.

$ 3 Million in egg-balls, puri and fishcake damaged says vendor
The glass case in which the items were stored

One woman who vends at the market, said she lost three million dollars wort of pholourie, egg-balls, cassava balls and puri and fishcake.

On Tuesday several vehicles were damaged, stalls broken and produce smashed while others carted off even as the market activities were brought to a halt as a result of the violent protests and looting.

President Irfaan Ali in visiting the vendors Tuesday afternoon said that what took place was wrong and that the intellectual authors of such actions would be brought to justice.

Those who suffered loss and damage have already began submitting their names to an identified person who will send submit same for verification before government decides on the means, form and quantum of compensation which will be afforded.

It is unclear if the Pholourie and fishcake vendor will be making her three million dollar claim.