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22 Y-O farmer gunned down

Twenty-Two-year-old Keon McLennon, a farmer of Queenstown Essequibo, Region 2 was on Saturday evening gunned down by a man known in the region as ‘BAD BOY’. The shooting stemmed from an altercation the two had sometime recently.

Based on reports reaching BIG Smith News Watch,  McLennon was shot and killed sometime around 20:00hrs tonight, at the Queenstown bus shed in Essequibo.

Witnesses have since identified the suspect as Shemroy, better known as ‘BAD BOY’.

Reports are that the suspect approached the now dead man at the bus shed and discharged three rounds at him.

we were told that persons who were in the bus shed at the time of the shooting, quickly fled the scene as gun shots rang out.

Eyewitnesses who spoke to this publication earlier tonight, said that when the victim fell to the floor, the suspect kicked him several times to his head.

The suspect then ran across the main public road, and reportedly discharged two additional rounds at another man, who has not yet been identified by this publication.

Following the shooting the suspect fled the scene, and reportedly remains at large.

When asked what possible motive could’ve lead to the shooting, a close relative of Keon said,

“Based on what we understand, yesterday Keon and ‘BAD BOY’ had some argument and them been fighting and Keon beat he up… wa we understand… he run over the road and shoot up and said he name f@#$%% bad boy.”

Aunt of the now deceased, told BIG Smith News Watch that she was at home when she received the tragic news.

“I was at home and a boy come to me and he ask wa I doing, and if I take me medications, and then he say come le me carry you pun on the road… To me how this bai talking I had a feeling like something happen.”

She went on to say…

“when I reach out on the road, I see Keon lay down dead in the bus shed, A nurse come and she said he dead, because he ain’t got no pulse, I ask who shoot he, them say some boy name ‘bad boy,’”