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2002 ‘wife killer’ fugitive was captured at his second wedding

By Michael Jordan

When Gautier Jerome Fernandes reportedly murdered his wife back in 2002, he was making good on a promise to her that the next time she left him he was going to kill her.

When the woman decide to leave after another one of her regular battering at the hands of Fernandes, he decided to slit her throat.

On Sunday, June 26, a day after his stunning capture while marrying another woman, the 52 year old labourer gave detectives a detailed account of how he killed Roshani Sooklall, he also detailed his life on the run as a fugitive. 

He was captured at Anna Regina Sand Pit, Essequibo Coast, in the midst of his wedding ceremony. At the time, he was about to get married to a woman with whom he had shared a relationship.

Sooklall was slain on January 25, 2002 after Fernandes tracked her to a squatting community Diamond, East Bank Demerraa.


During the interview with detectives at CID Headquarters, Eve Leary, Fernandes, also called ‘Meltie Fernandes’, said he and Sooklall were in a common law relationship and had three children.

They were living at Grant Sand Road, Soesdyke, EBD.

During their time together the suspect would assault his spouse, who would go away to her relative at Diamond Squatting Area, EBD.

On the last occasion, he indicated to her that if she leaves, he would kill her.

Notwithstanding the threat, Sooklall left the home (on January 26, 2002) and went to the Little Diamond Squattng Area after another argument with the suspect.

On the said night, the suspect went to her relatives in Little Diamond, where he was told that she was at a party.

He became angry and went in search of his spouse. It was then that he saw her walking back to the relatives’s home in the company of her friend, Marcie Williams.

The suspect, who had a knife, said he went up to her (Sooklall) and dealt her a cut to the throat. He then slashed Marcie Williams on the hand but she escaped.


The suspect said he went into the interior and later learnt that Roshani Ashmine Sooklall had died.

He then went to the North West District where he met Margaret Cornette, 62. They started a relationship and they moved to Red Village, Onderneeming Sand Pit, Essequibo Coast about ten years ago.

He alleged that he told her he had killed his previous reputed wife and also told his three children.    

On Saturday, an anonymous source provided BIG Smith News Watch with photographs of Fernandes, as well as his alleged location.

An individual who knows the suspect positively identified him after viewing the photos.

The associate also identified a woman in one of the photographs as Fernandes’ partner, with whom he has been living.

This reporter had repeatedly highlighted this case in his ‘Murder and Mystery column. It was last highlighted in 2020.