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Waramdong village and school competing for water

Waramdong village and school competing for water

The source of water the residents and students of Waramdong are using.

Low water pressure in some parts of Region 7 has been affecting the operations of the Daesar Caser Fox Secondary School in Waramdong as well as the village of Waramdong itself.

This is the information coming out of the community as teachers are contending that the school has been unable to receive a stable and reliable supply of water, making it a challenge for those at the dorm to wash and bathe.

Officials familiar with the situation confirmed to BIG Smith News Watch that there is a situation in the community which is receiving the attention of the necessary agencies.

As it is now, students and teachers are forced to trek a far distance to access a nearby open source of water.

After the concerns were raised by the teachers and students, the Assistant Regional Executive Officer visited the community and the school where he was brief on the matter, an official related to BIG Smith News Watch.

It was noted that the Guyana Water Inc. well in the community is not pushing enough water to serve both the school and the community at the same time. As such, steps are now being put in place to explore the possibility of a shift system in the water distribution.

The school, based on what this publication was told, requested additional standpipes in the compound, and some works were also done to address leakages within the school compound and village. This stoppage of the leaks should see some increase in the water pressure for the community.