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Tourism’s ‘Snap and Share’ competition ends with three winners

Tourism's 'Snap and Share' competition ends with three winners

L-R Kaieteur Falls taken by Thamesha Watson, Mountain Pakarampa  taken by Dakari Jordan and a scene at Lake Tapakuma taken by Keanu Thomas were the winning top three photos selected in the above order


A photo of breath-taking surroundings of the famous Kaieteur Falls taken by Thamesha Watson won the Ministry of Tourism’s Independence Competition held to celebrate Guyana’s 55th Independence Anniversary.


Watson said the photo was taken on a free trip to the falls as she looked out of the plane’s windows and thought that focus is never placed on the surroundings of the majestic falls which also has its own beauty.


“We are surrounded by the breathtaking beauty and we need to cherish it, treasure and appreciate it,” she said as she received her prize of $100,000 at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre on Friday afternoon.


The ‘Snap and Share 55’ photo competition sought to showcase the beauty of Guyana through the eyes of Guyanese and will now be an annual feature of the country’s independence celebration. This is according to Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Oneidge Walrond.


Speaking at the prize-giving ceremony, the Minister noted that the response was overwhelming with pictures showcasing the beauty of Guyana like never before.


“The views are invaluable when you think of marketing Guyana. You were able to bring the beauty of Guyana alive in these images,” she noted adding that there is a need for Guyanese to travel locally and experience the different Regions.


Photos were submitted under four categories; namely Nature and Wildlife, Culture and Heritage, Active Exploration, Arts and Entertainment.


Over 250 submissions were received from all across Guyana which but saw the shortlisting of 55 by judges including professional photographers before the final winners were selected based on Facebook likes.


“These photos invoke greater enthusiasm to visit these donations,” Minister Walrond stated as she confirmed that the ministry will be using the images as a promotion for optional places to travel within Guyana.


The second place was copped by Dakari Jordan displaying a unique view of Mt. Pakarampa in Arau Village, Region 7. The third-place winner, Keanu Thomas copped his prize with a photo of a female holding a monkey and a parrot at Lake Tapakuma.


The top three photos were unveiled at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre where they hang on the walls for visitors to see.


Permanent Secretary at the Tourism Ministry Sharon Roopchand, explained that the competition was timely as it was successful in displaying the beauty of Guyana even as persons as restricted from traveling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“It allowed Guyanese and others to experience Guyana through the lenses of others,” she added.


Cash prizes were given to ten persons while another ten received consolation prizes.