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Ramson releases funds to Region 5 grounds

Ramson announcing funds for a Region 5 Ground

A number of grounds in Region five will have funds released to them by the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport this week.

The announcement was made Saturday by Culture Youth and Sport Minister Charles Ramson who along with a team from his ministry, visited the Region.

Ramson releases funds to Region 5 grounds in
Sport equipment being handed over to a club on Saturday

During Saturday’s visits, sport clubs and ground management committees explain what some of their challenges are and what are some of the reasons their respective grounds have not been having activities.

Monies were announced for weeding grounds and servicing of machinery to ensure their upkeeping among other things.

The Sport Minister cautioned clubs about infighting and bickering which he said is a recipe for divissive outcome.

Most of the grounds within the country are no able to self-sustain and as such, government has to often chip.

Ramson said what he finds is that alot of groups who are forming themselves into clubs are seeking to have their own grounds and that clearly is not going to work out.

According to him, those will become additional grounds that government will have to assist in up-keepung when infact the monies can go into one central ground within the community.

He called for clubs and management committees of ground to work collectively so that accessing assistance from the ministry could be assured.

funds would be dispatched to the management teams of the ground within this week, Ramson noted.