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President to work with media on strategies for national unity

President Irfaan Ali and President of the Guyana Press Association Nazima Raghubir

As the racial tension in Guyana continues to grow, President Irfaan Ali has revealed that he would be working with the media to help curb this growing issue.

He was at the time speaking at the annual Media Brunch, which was held today at State House.

“We all have a common ground to those who try to divide our society, those who try to push hate, how do we sit together and this is something I want to engage you [media] on and develop a strategy that deals with national unity,” the President said.

Other important issues the President plans to engage the media on include domestic violence, engagement of the diaspora, among others.

“…And I think these are areas that can also help us to build trust. It is important for people to trust someone also.”

The President acknowledged that the media plays a critical role in ensuring that information is disseminated in a timely manner. As such, he assured media operatives that they would be informed directly instead of indirectly.

“These are the things I would support because it is important that the media understands where the country is going, the development shift that is taking place.”

The Head-of-State revealed that the Government’s scholarship programme to the media would see specific areas of specialization.

“I would like to thank the media. With very limited resources and with longs hours, the media did an exceptional job in securing democracy for Guyana,” the President concluded.

The annual media brunch was attended by representatives from a media houses across the country and members of the President’s Cabinet and other government officials.