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Policemen in hot sauce as $24 million missing from illegal Chinese immigrants

Policemen in hot sauce as $24 million missing from illegal Chinese immigrants

Three policemen attached to the Springlands Police Station in Region 6 have been arrested and are said to be assisting the Special Organised Crime Unit in its probe of the disappearance of $120,000 USD equivalent to approximately $24 million Guyana Dollars.

The money was part and parcel of the property of six illegal Chinese immigrants who were intercepted on May 14 on the Corentyne Public Road with $417, 000 USD which is equivalent to just about $83 million Guyana Dollars.

Arrested are Constable 22698 Ramnarine, Corporal 20892 DaSilva, Sergeant 18065 Benjamin.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that on the day in question, the sergeant received information that some illegal Chinese Immigrants were about to pass his station district. The policeman was provided with the registration plate for the vehicle the nationals were in, along with a description.

The sergeant quickly put a posture in place to identify and intercept the vehicle. That was done and when a search of the vehicle was ordered, the cash was found in the trunk.

This publication was told, the sergeant then joined the vehicle with the Chinese Nationals and escorted them to the Springland Police Station. There, the parcels of cash were found to be sixteen in number. A box was located and the sixteen parcels of cash were placed inside.

When the time came for the cash to be lodged and counted, only twelve parcels were reportedly presented and counted. The nationals then indicated that the money was short but no one at the station sought to pay them any mind.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that while at the station, a negotiation was reportedly being made for each of the Chinese nationals to pay $10,000 to secure their release and drop the matter. That aspect of the allegations remains under investigation, we were told.

The following day after the nationals were arrested, the Special Organised Crime Unit travelled to the region to receive and escort the cash to Georgetown and was told of the monies which were short.

An investigation of the ranks who handled the matter and all who had a part to play in the process of arresting and escorting the nationals to the station were questioned.

At the moment the policemen who are implicated, are all at the Brickdam Police Station assisting the police with their investigations.