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‘Police and Thief’ constable gets 8 months for stealing from Bank ATM

JAILED: Nelisa Mahaica

Nelisha Mahaica, a police constable attached to the Mahaica Police who performed the duties of both  police and thief was this morning sentenced to eight months on Jail.

The woman received the jail sentence after he pleaded guilty to four counts of simply larceny and which prompted magistrate Alicia George to sentence her to eight months for each charge which gives a total of 32 months… however since the sentences will be running concurrently, the ‘police and thief’ will only spend eight months in jail.

Mahaica was also made to compensate her victim the full amount of $500,000 (Five hundred thousand dollars).

Constable Mahaica between June 30 and July 06, 2021 access the Republic Bank Account of her colleague and withdrew the above mentioned sum on four separate transactions.

She was place under close arrest on Tuesday and when questioned by police detectives, the police woman told detectives that she has a skill whereby she knows how to hack bank accounts and ATM bank card pin numbers.

The matter was called today at the Sparendaam Magistrates Court.