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NDC Map confirms sand did not come from No.63 Beach

NDC Map confirms sand did not come from No.63 Beach

An ariel photo depitcing the area of contention and the beach 

The Ministry of Public Works has now moved to initiate a process that will determine for certain, if the riff sand which was removed from a location on the Corentyne and Sold to BK International was actually taken from the No.63 Beach as was claimed by Deodat Indar, Minister within the Ministry of Public Works.

The Minister made the disclosure Saturday morning during an invited comment from BIG Smith News Watch after this publication conducted a site visit on Friday where drone shots and information from the No.54 Neighbourhood Democratic Council was gathered to determine where the confusion is coming from over the sand removal. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO OF OUR SITE VISIT HERE

During our site visit on Friday, we spoke with one Dalton Angel, age 63 who indicated that the land the sand was removed from belongs to him and that it was handed down to him more than thirty years ago. The man stated that the land is located at No.59 and not No.63 as the minister and ministry are claiming.

Dalton further explained that at no point was sand removed from any stretch of the beaches along the Corentyne, he contended that the confusion and perception may have arrived at that position because the trucks which were used to removed 90 truckloads of sand were actually driving along a section of the No.63 beach before making its way out to the main public road. He said the beach was being used as the access in and out to the location where the sand is located because the other road which is closer to getting to the sand, is in a bad state.

Our visit to the No.54 NDC Office Friday saw us being given access to a map that explicitly declared the area where the sand was being removed from as No.59 village. It was also at the NDC office that we learned that no one from that office surveyed the area to determine that the area falls within a 50 feet reserve path for sea defense as the minister alluded to earlier in the week.

Mr. Angle told BIG Smith News Watch that the area the sand is being removed from is to be developed to establish a fish pond.