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More than $2 Billion in housing infrastructure for Linden by 2022

Housing Minister Colin Croal and Linden Mayor Waneka Arrindell in discussion during a housing drive in Linden Tuesday morning.

If the Government of Guyana sticks to its plans and developmental agenda for Region 10, several programs and initiatives could be rolled out by 2022 that would see improvements area a number of areas, specifically the housing and water sector.

On Tuesday Minister of Housing and Water Colin Croal outlined a series of work programs that are slated to be rolled out in Linden coming directly from his ministry. he was at time addressing the Dream Realise housing drive in Amelia’s Ward Linden Tuesday morning where he delivered the feature address.

Croal told a gathering of Lindeners who showed up for the ministry’s dream realize initiative, that government has big plans for the regions which will resuscitate and improve the quality of life for those living in Region 10.

“The previous government considered Linden to be one of its bases and a minister who held the portfolio for housing previously, is from Linden so tell me, why were allocations to this region so abysmal?” Croal questioned.

In the foreground is section of a plot of land that is being developed to build 40 homes for young professionals in Linden

He was at the time making reference to 360 house lots distributed in the region between 2015 to 2020, compared to the 400 that would be distributed between yesterday Tuesday and today Wednesday.

At least two billion, nineteen million dollars are expected to be spent in Linden between now and 2021 as part of infrastructural developmental works in Linden specifically within the housing sector. Six million was already spent to do land clearing and leveling for housing development of five acres of land that will see the construction of forty houses.

Two hundred and eighty-eight million will be spent to build forty elevated two-bedroom houses by the end of 2021. One hundred million is to be spent on 1.6KM of asphaltic concrete roads, reinforced concrete curbs and walkways in 2021. By 2022, a total of one point six billion is expected to be spent on road and drainage network upgrades along with pipe, concrete road and culverts.

All the works identified above are expected to be completed in 2022, said Minister Coral. According to him, works in several parts of Linden will soon commence ensuring the delivery and access to potable and safe water.

He listed Amelia’s Ward Squatting Area, Block 42 Aback Cinderella City, South Amelia’s Ward, Bamia and an area across Kara Kara Creek.

Electricity and water is also needed in Burjag, Prosvillle, Andy Vill and Rasville which all have informal settlers. The issue in those communities will be addressed, Minister Croal assured.

The Guyana Water Inc. is also expected to carry out a number of projects within Linden and those includes works in the communities of  Coomacka, Ituni, Amelia’s Ward, Swan, Long Creek, Kairuni, Moblissa, Bamia, Farm Road and West Watooka.

Those works according to Minister Croal include restoration of potable water production and distribution system, extension of distribution network and new service connections, drilling of wells and the installation of PV system,