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Michael Jordan…What caused him to chase after murders, mystery and supernatural creatures?

Murder leaves a lasting impact on anyone who has known its victim. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that well-known Journalist and Writer Michael Jordan made his career choice at the age of 18, shortly after a 14-year-old female basketball player was found raped and murdered in his Tucville, Georgetown community over three decades ago.

Jordan grew up at Suddie, Essequibo Coast (Region Two) with five other siblings. His mother was a Teacher while his father was a Postmaster, ensuring that books were always at hand.

“I grew up in a house with books. We love to read and that is where my love for reading and my love for stories came. Your parents would read to you and sometimes they’re not ready to read to you so you have to read for yourself,” the Writer told the BIG Smith News Watch in an interview on this week’s ‘FOCUS.’

Subsequently, the family moved to Tucville, Georgetown where the then 18-year-old would encounter his first brush with a murder case.

“I was influenced by a murder which happened when I was 18 years old in Tucville. A little girl was found dumped in an alleyway- 14 years old and its unsolved to this day and it affected me a lot,” he explained.

In his famous ‘Murder and Mystery’ column in the Kaieteur Newspaper, the Journalist has written several times about the December 8, 1976 rape and murder of 14-year-old Sandra Ann Stewart. Her body was found propped up against a fence in an alleyway, the photo splashed across the news but after several interviews, her murder remains unsolved 45 years later.

Over the years, Jordan developed a love for stories about mystery, unsolved cases and supernatural creatures; always looking for answers.

“I like intrigue, I like to go after and solve cases, mystery –whether the supernatural or natural –and I like closure. I have interviewed people and I know how frustrated [it is] when there is no closure when a loved one is killed,” he said.

Now the famed Writer is on another journey, this time to turn his 2017 book ‘Kamarang’ into a movie even as he writes others.

Kamarang, named after a village in Region Seven, is a fiction novel set in the 1960s.

Jordan said he is now looking to transfer the novel to a movie “and it must be a high quality movie and I think it will do well as a movie.”

A comprehensive report article on the book ‘Kamarang’ will be published on Monday right here on BIG Smith News Watch.