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Local companies team up to make dialysis access easier

Mohamed N. Faizoul of Supreme Distributors and Olive Sinclair of Biomed Energy sign the MOU on Wednesday 

As the world observes World Kidney Day under the theme “Kidney Health for All”, two local companies have pooled their resources to make treatment and access to dialysis much easier for persons with kidney and renal failure.

Supreme Distributors and Biomed Energy Dialysis on Wednesday signed a MOU which would see the subsidizing of the cost persons are paying to have their treatment. Biomed Energy Dialysis has its clinic at the Woodlands Hospital Complex.

“They not only suffer financially but emotionally; it puts a toll on them. And I can assure you and I can promise you that it will go a far way. Some of them try to hide their feelings they will call and say they can’t come today but they will not say that the reasons are not coming is because they can’t pay for the treatment or that they don’t have passage.” CEO Olive Sinclair of Biomed Energy Inc noted.

As part of the MOU, Supreme Distributors will be donating a percentage of its entire sale for the month of March to Biomed Energy Dialysis Inc.

“We did not look to have this as a one-off. We want to make it annual and expand to help other clinics. Dialysis is very, very expensive and I am told some patients are required to do this two times a week and we look at some of the costings. Its over 2 million per patient yearly.” CEO of Supreme Distributors Mohamed N. Faizoul said on Wednesday.

The Supreme Distributors has been making several donations to several causes since their establishment several years ago.