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Julie C (vessel in the video) was not on the river bank- Edghill

Julie C- (vessel in the video) was not on the river bank- Edghill

Julie C as she is anchored in the Demerara River in the vicinity of Craig, East Bank Demerara on Saturday morning 

A video in circulation on social which suggests that a ship ran aground at Craig, East Bank Demerara is not accurate. This is according to Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill in an interview Saturday morning with BIG Smith News Watch.

In the case of Julie C (the vessel in the video), it was anchored at Craig but according to Edghill, the vessel anchored unusually close to the river bank which made it appear to be on the river bank given its size.

He said that there was no dragging of anchor, no damage to any property or infrastructure and that the vessel did not run aground nor did it end up on the river bank as the video and its commentator suggested.

Julie C- (vessel in the video) was not on the river bank- Edghill
A still image from the video on social media with Julie C

The video which was reposted on social media by some persons is accompanied by what can best be described as a hilarious commentary by the man who shot it as he explained that the sight was a ‘once in a lifetime experience”

Edghill who holds responsibility for marine traffic explained that last evening, a vessel loaded with sand for export anchored in the Demerara River as it awaited clearance to proceed toward the Demerara Harbour Bridge. The DHB is slated to have a retraction at 09:00hrs this morning for ocean-going vessels.

The Public Works Minister explained that in accordance with the guidelines and rules of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, ships that intend to transit the bridge are required to anchor several miles away from the bridge in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that can cause damage to the bridge or its supporting infrastructure.

When BIG Smith News Watch arrived at Craig this morning, the vessel was already out in the Demerara River anchored and awaiting clearance to proceed to the bridge.