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“I have SOPs that show APNU+AFC won 2020 election”- Norton tells Jagdeo

"I have SOPs that show APNU+AFC won 2020 election"- Norton tells Jagdeo

Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo and Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton Face-Off at a cocktail reception 

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton on Monday evening told Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo that he, Norton has the Statement of Polls which showed that the APNU+AFC won the 2020 elections.


The two politicians were at the time facing off in a semi-banter at the Georgetown Club where the two among other dignitaries were present for the observance of Europe Day.

During the exchange by Jagdeo and Norton, members of the diplomatic community, private sector, and officials from the Opposition and government gathered as the heavyweights carried on.

GECOM, National Recount, Responsibilities of Regional Officials, and the acceptance of the Statements of Polls were among the topics the two discussed.

The Opposition Leader challenged the Vice President to a public debate but the challenge to a debate came with conditions on both sides.

Vice President Jagdeo agreed to the debate on the condition that the Opposition Leader Norton makes public the Statement of Polls for the APNU+AFC. Norton on the other hand told Jagdeo that he will make the Statement of Polls but that those Statements of Polls will be made public immediately after the Public Debate.