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GYD $8M. Zara Computer Center opens in New Amsterdam

The Guyana Police Force on Monday afternoon commissioned the Zara Computer Center at the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam Berbice, Region 6.

A section of the Zara Computer Center at New Amsterdam Berbice, Region 6

The opening of the center brings to five, the number of Zara Computer Centers functional across a number of Police Divisions.

Region 6 Police Commander Boodnarine Persaud told a mixed gathering that the facility marks a step forward for the Force. This he said, is important as the organization seeks to embrace technology. He noted that since the partnership between the police and the Zara Group, more than one thousand persons have been trained.

Deputy Commissioner Administration, Calvin Brutus, is responsible for human resources within the Guyana Police Force.

Brutus said the commissioning is very important for communities which the Zara Centers serves. The plan is to have similar centers established all across the country and according to Brutus, once the internet connectivity is reliable, the centers would be able to function efficiently and effectively.

There are six additional centers expected to be established before the year ends and according to Brutus, the centers also allow for the decentralization of some keys services.

Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken commended the Zara team for their vision and commitment to the Police Force and Guyanese people.

Commissioner Hicken looks on as a student of the newly commissioned Zara Center at Central Police Station

According to the CoP, the access to the Zara Computer Centers allow for the harnessing of young people to facilitate their capacity building and give them opportunities to re-engage in studies to elevate themselves.

Hicken further stressed that the force needs the support of the public as much as the public needs the support or the force.

The Zara Computer Center drives home the fact that without information technology, one would find it difficult to function in a contemporary setting and as nations continue to evolve, stated Regional Chairman David Armogan.

Informational Technology expert and consultant of Zara Group Nardeo Singh addressed the gathering virtually from the United States.

Singh commended the initiative of the Police Force to push ahead with making information technology part of its day to day operations.

The pillars, goals and objective of the partnership between the Guyana Police Force and Zara are Education, Empowerment and Employment, Singh stressed.

Final remarks were given by Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn, he said the Zara Group has stayed the course and this is no longer a project for them but rather a program.

The partnership between Zara and the Force remains critical to the whole notion of law enforcement and policing.

Those at the Head Table on Monday afternoon during the opening ceremony

Superintendents Johnson of the Force IT department  and Robinson of the Community Relations Department of the Force were also present at the opening.

Also today, the Minister, Commissioner of Police and their teams commissioned the Central Police Station which ought to have been done years now but was not.

While the building was completed a while now, it began being occupied without the ceremonial commissioning.