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GYD $1 Million reward offered for identity information on ‘Mudwata’

GYD $1 Million reward offered for identity information on 'Mudwata'

A reward of GYD $1 Million (ONE MILLION GUYANA DOLLARS) is being offered to anyone who can provide useful and creditable information that will lead to the positive identification, place of operations, work and residence of the individual(s) sheltering behind ‘Guyana Uncut’ social media page and ‘Mudwata’ character. The individual(s) operates mostly on YouTube and Tik-Toc.

The reward is hereby put forward by BIG Smith News Watch and its principal, journalist Leroy Smith. Smith has in recent times become a frequent feature in the slanderous, character assassination, liable and defamatory contents which are published by ‘Mudwata’ and Guyana Uncut’

The lastest of these attacks which have been consistent and direct was brought to the attention of Mr. Smith on Tuesday evening where a video by ‘Mudwata’ was uploaded to the Tik-Tok social media platform. The police have since been engaged.

Back in 2021, Mr. Leroy Smith was forced to make an official complaint to the Guyana Police Force Cyber Crime Unit at the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters. This was after ‘Mudwata’ and ‘Guyana Uncut’ released a 3-min 15-seconds video where the name of Leroy Smith was mentioned, accompanied by his photograph along with descriptions and commentary which were among other things, slanderous, defamatory, liable, and amounted to an assassination of Smith’s character.

That investigation remains an active one and when the character(s) behind the ‘Mudwata’ and ‘Guyana Uncut’ criminal charges are expected to be instituted followed by a string of lawsuits for the irreparable damages to Mr. Leroy Smith, his character, and business.

Over the years several individuals and establishments have suffered unjust and unfair commentary by the ‘Mudwata’ character and ‘Guyana Uncut’.  While some persons find humor in the defamatory and liable contents and share them to their friends and social media platforms,  the cybercrime laws of Guyana allow for charges to also be laid against those persons who can also be slapped with lawsuits by the person the content speaks about.

Anyone with information on who the character behind ‘Mudwata’ is, where the individual lives or works, is being asked to forward that information to telephone numbers (592) 223 8080, 600 9747, or 622 6730.

All information will be treated with the highest levels of confidentiality and payment in cash will be made immediately to the person(s) whose information leads to the positive identification of the character(s) behind ‘Mudwata’ and ‘Guyana Uncut’.