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Guyana’s housing/ road infrastructure impressive- Barbados Housing Minister

Guyana's housing/ road infrastructure impressive- Barbados Housing Minister

Guyana Housing Minister Colin Croal, Barbados Housing, Land and Maintenance Minister Dr. William Duguid and Minister within the Ministry of Housing (Guyana) walk through the young professional scheme on East Bank Demerara.

Barbados Minister of Housing, Land and Maintenance Dr. William Duguid in a recent interview with BIG Smith News Watch proclaimed that the housing and roads infrastructure in Guyana is impressive and brings to the fore, the need for Barbados to adopt some of what Guyana is doing in those two areas.

The Barbadian Government Official recently concluded a visit to Guyana which saw a delegation from Barbados headed by Dr. William Duguid meeting local counterparts from Guyana’s housing, Infrastructure and Natural Resources sector.

The visit came on the heels of Guyana’s President Irfan Ali and Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Motely meeting to discuss how the two countries can explore business opportunities.

“I am very very impressed with what saw and I am very impressed with what the government has been able to do to produce housing for its people and so quickly. I am especially surprised to see a housing development that has over seventy houses that started in February and they are about 80% percent completed and that is really impressive” The Bajan Housing Minister said after visiting one of Guyana’s housing development on the East Bank Demerara.

Dr. William Duguid said that he was also impressed with the road infrastructure and network in Guyana. In Barbados, Dr. William Duguid is also responsible for maintenance.

“The road infrastructure, all of the efforts going into that infrastructure and what government is doing shows that this is massive infrastructure and construction going on” Dr. William Duguid noted.

.According to Bajan officials, what Guyana is doing within its housing sector is something that Barbados would do well with if they only adopt.

“If we were to get our people to do that as well in Barbados, we will be doing a very very good job we can only give great support and try to learn as well from your techniques of how you build the columns and then infill them and the designs and the roof and so on and how you handle the sewerage” the official stated.

Dr. William Duguid continued… “Guyana is also making a circular economy as well as using many reusable resources as possible these things are great positives. We can add in terms of our experience and expertise and in terms of solar and water heater systems. So in addition to seeing how much you are doing, we can also seek value-added that the government of Barbados and the People of Barbados can have as well.”

The visit is expected to see job opportunities being opened for both Guyanese and Barbados as citizens.