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Dhanmatie Shyamraj seeks to delay criminal charge proceedings with High Court proceedings

Dhan Shemaraj seeks to delay criminal charge proceedings with High Court proceedings

CRIMINALLY CHARGED: Dhanmatie Shyamraj also known as ‘Dhan Shyamraj’

Criminally Charged with Unlawful Restraint of Journalist Leroy Smith. Luxury Reality’s Inc. Property Manager Dhan Shyamraj today showed up in court seeking to have the court put a hold on hearing the matter against her.

Her lawyer Jousha Abdool who appeared in person as the lead on the case told the court that it was only this morning (Wednesday) that a matter was filed in the High Court which would determine if at the time Shyamraj restrained the movement of Leroy Smith, she acting lawfully or unlawfully. The Magistrate informed the court that he is not inclined to put a hold on the proceedings with respect to the current charge against those accused in this matter.

It was also in court today that Attorney-at-Law Adbool armed himself with a copy of a news article published by BIG Smith News Watch regarding the last court appearance of Dhan Shyamraj and Deron Wishart.

The lawyer told the court that he was advised that the court made an order at the last appearance that nothing should be published about the court proceedings but yet a publication was made by ‘Leroy Smith’. and that if the matter was not addressed the court could be made a mockery. The magistrate quickly killed the lawyer’s mockery argument by pointing out to him that the court made no such order and that he might have been misleading and misinformed.

The magistrate scarce clarified that what he did order that there should be no publication of anything from the statements from the parties in the matter which were served during the last court date.

Dhan Shyamraj, a property manager attached to Luxury Realty Inc. and Deron Wishart who is employed by Sheriff Security were jointly charged criminally with the offense of unlawful restraint under the kidnapping act as advised by the Director of Public Prosecution.

The two on June 16, 2021, restricted the movement of Leroy Smith from entering and exiting the Richmondville Housing development knowing fully well that he had every right to enter and exit the development.

At the last court appearance, Shyamraj begged the court to pay her bail in two installments but the court was not prepared to entertain the slackness.

The matter was adjourned until September 6, 2021.