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Cummings Park Police Outpost Commissioned

The communities of Cummings Lodge and Park can expect a broader spectrum of service coming from the Police 4A Division with the commissioning of the Cummings Park Police Outpost.

Cummings Park Police Outpost Commissioned
Home Affairs Minister Benn hands over the keys to the new outpost to Commissioner Hicken after he, Benn, received the keys from Housing Minister Croal handed over to him earlier

The outpost was commissioned this morning in Cummings Park Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

The placement of the outpost was done as a direct result of new housing developments which have been taking place in the General Sophia and Cummings Lodge areas.

Cummings Park Police Outpost Commissioned
Commissioner Hicken and Minister Croal have a chat before the official opening of the Cummings Park Police Outpost

Regional Commander 4-A Simon McBean in brief remarks at the event told residents occupying the housing scheme, that the police cannot function without their support.

Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken said the force has been looking at the infrastructural needs of the force to ensure they meet international best standards. He also noted that the building and land was donated by the Ministry of Housing. The force has also assigned a vehicle to the community and the specific outpost, Hicken noted.

Commissioner Hicken assured that the Police Outpost will be adequately staffed with the required human resources with strong support from the Sub and Regional Division heads within 4-A.

There are more than one hundren and fifteen houses for which keys were handed over in the area since its development commenced, according to Housing Minister Croal. The police outpost he stressed, is a necessity that will serve the residents of the general Cummings Lodge area.

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn sees the handing over of the outpost as a well deserved gift as he stressed that a new way of doing policing and providing police services is something the ministry is very focused on and for that effort, support is given to the police force.

Benn said the handing over and the presence of the outpost allows the police to have a footprint in the community and that it is very important that those who will be working at the location understands that.

Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Mae Thomas, Deputy Commissioners Admin, Operations and Special Branch Brutus, Bhudram and Watts respectively were also present at the event.