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Croal cautions contractors of Mandela-Diamond road-link about treatment of workers

Minister of Housing and Water Colin Croal addressing contractors on Wednesday

Contractors who were awarded contracts to execute various lots of work along the second Phase 2 of the Mandela to Diamond road-link ate being cautioned that the treatment of their workforce have a lot of consequences for the timely completing of the project.

This caution was given my Minister of Housing Colin Croal who told the contractors at the signing on Wednesday that it is their duty to ensure that their workers are comfortable and taken care of.

“I also want to remind you to treat your employees with respect but at all times follow the labour laws. We need to make them comfortable so that they can perform. Protective gears and other sanitizing items are your responsibility, skimping on these things will result in the detriment of your project because the welfare of your workers are important” Minister Croal noted.

He also called on the contractors to cultivate good relationships with residents along the construction path and to timely inform them of any activities and operations associated with the road construction that will inconvenience them.

Minister Croal during his Wednesday contract signing address, said that while the road will bring relief to thousands of households, it also opens tremendous economic opportunities along the entire stretch.

The road is also expected to allow easy egress and ingress into Georgetown and along the East Coast Demerara.

The minister pleaded with the contractors to also implement ways and means of ensuring their working hours are properly coordinated to facilitate the completion of the project within its 15 to 18 months schedule but with the standards and quality expected by the Government and people of Guyana.