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Cops who cracked Dr. Roach’s murder among awardees in GPF $32.M year end awards ceremony

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum hands over financial incentives to an Assistant Superintendent of Police who along with others played a part in solving the murder of Dr. Colin Roach

The Guyana Police Force on Thursday went deep into its coffers to offer rewards and incentives to ranks for performances during the year 2021.

On Wednesday morning, the Guyana Police Force honoured its Best Cop, runner-up Best Cop and others for their exemplary execution of police duties.

A total of $32.463 M (Thirty Two Million Four Hundred and Sixty Three Thousand Dollars) was given out today by the Guyana Police Force.

Among those rewarded today were the ranks who solved the murder of Doctor Collin Roach and which resulted  in several persons being sent before the court.

Commissioner of Police Nigel Hoppie said the force continues to receives criticisms but sometimes those criticizing often forget the works and sacrifices being made by a large number of police officers and ranks who are dedicated to policing duties.

Not withstanding a number of challenges, the Guyana Police Force Force performed well for the year 2021, Stated the Top Cop.

Top Cop Hoppie did not conclude his remarks without speaking about the setbacks the force was plunged into when its infrastructure suffered a tremendous blow with three devastating fires at Vigilance Police Station, Brickdam Police Station and the Police Office of Professional Responsibility.

Deputy Commissioner Administration, Calvin Brutus reminded that the awards ceremony started in the 1980s’ and serves as a motivational tool for those who serve the organization.

According to Brutus, awards of a similar nature are done in a number of forces across the world. He related that over the years, the Best Cop in the Guyana Police Force frequently came from the Criminal Investigation Department but that trend was changed some years back as ranks from other areas of the force began to shine also.