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CoP’s secretary gets house lot after Vigilance Station compound fire

Housing Minister Croal receives the number colleague Minister Rodrigues after ASP Richards selected her plot number after being issued a house lot Friday morning.

Woman Assistant Superintendent of Police Merna Richards was on Friday among one thousand persons who received house lot applications from the Ministry of Housing’s Central Housing and Planning Authority’s  land allocation at the Guyana National Stadium.

ASP Richards lost her personal belongs and property during a fire inside the Vigilance Police Station Compound where she and her husband (also a police office) occupied a police house.

The Fire Service determined that the fire was an act of arson. At the time the fire started, the two officers and their son were asleep.

Today the police woman expressed her gratitude for being offered the house-lot as she plans to get her life back on track after the devastating fire.

ASP Richards was given an opportunity to pull a number for her new house lot. The pulling was done in the presence of the Ministers of Housing Colin Croal and Susan Rodrigues.

According to her, she was the previous owner of a house and land but lost it to a domestic issue which resulted in a court proceeding that saw the property being sold, leaving her with nothing.

ASP Richards was today issued a middle income house lot in Great Diamond, East Bank Demerara during a Dream Realised Initiative by the Ministry of Housing.

Today, Mrs. Richardson told the press that she serves as the Secretary to the commissioner of Police and has been functioning in that capacity for eleven years.

With that eleven years, she served nine Commissioners of Police inclusive of Lauri Lewis, Floyd McDonald, Winston Felix, Henry Green, Leroy Brumell, Seelall Persaud, David Ramnarine, Leslie James and now Nigel Hoppie.

ASP Merna Richards has just over 33 years of service within the Guyana Police Force.