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BREAKING NEWS: ‘Mudwata’ Character arrested; video/ voice evidence recovered

ARRESTED: Keyron Bruce also known as MUD and MUDWATA

In less than three days after the BIG Smith News Watch made a public call with a reward of ONE MILLION DOLLARS for any information leading to the identity of the players behind the ‘Mudwata’ and ‘Guyana Uncut’ Characters, photographer Keron Bruce has been arrested.

Bruce was previously employed with one of the local daily newspapers.

Bruce was arrested following information BIG Smith News Watch received from persons who came forward with creditable information after the $1 Million dollar reward was announced.

Following the arrest on Friday afternoon, several devices belonging to Keron Bruce were seized and in analyzing them, the police found videos and voice recordings for several contents that were packaged and uploaded to Social Media platforms including Facebook, YouTube and recently Tik-Tock. The Police also recovered a voice-changing device.

Bruce was arrested at his DD EcclesEast Bank Demerara home after the police secured a court order to search his home. The young man described himself as self-employed.

Several persons have been slandered, defamed and bullied by Keron Bruce as he hide behind a computer controlling a cartoon character which was bold enough to the say and do the things he was not man enough to say in person and from an authentic profile to anyone.

Persons who were defamed, slandered and or bullied by the ‘Mudwata’ Character and ‘Guyana Uncut’ are asked to engage the police and formally lodge their complains.