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BREAKING: Mayor Ubraj Narine’s gun seized after domestic row with wife

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The Guyana Police Force through it’s Regional Division 4-C on Sunday swooped down on the home of Georgetown Mayor Pandit Ubraj Narine and escorted him to the Beterverwagting Police Station where his licensed forearm was taken away and lodged.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that the incident stemmed from an unknown caller informing the police that what appears to be gunshots were heard coming from the home of the Mayor at his private residence located at Pigeon Island, East Coast Demerara.

Upon their arrival at the home of Pandit Ubraj Narine after receiving the call, the police encountered a number of relatives of the Mayor’s wife as they were standing on the street.

The relatives of the Mayor’s wife reportedly related to the police that the mayor and his wife were having ‘some issues’.

Contact was then made with the 30 Year Old City Mayor and his wife separately who reportedly both admitted that they were indeed having a misunderstanding which resulted in an argument.

The Mayor was then asked if he is the holder of a licence firearm and he admitted same, he was also asked if he had cause to fire his weapon and he denied.

His wife who was also questioned separately denied that the Mayor had fired his weapon and that he assaulted or threatened her with the weapon.

The Mayor then handed over his firearm with four live rounds to the police.

A City Constabulary Lance Corporal who is assigned to perform duties at the Mayor’s residence was also questioned and he denied hearing any loud explosion, or having any knowledge that the Mayor fired his weapon ,assaulted or threatened anyone.

Several persons were questioned in the area but no useful information was received as it relates to the Mayor firing his weapon.

The Mayor and his wife were invited to the Beterverwagting Police Station and his lawyer Mr. James Bond arrived shortly after where his wife gave a written statement that her husband never fired his weapon or threatened her with same.

The hands of the Mayor were swabbed for any trace of gun powder residue and his Firearm and Ammunition were lodged.

This evening efforts to make contact with Mayor Ubraj Narine were futile.