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‘BIG SMITH’ caps on sale to raise $$ for back to school haversack drive

BIG Smith News Watch has released a multiplicity of multicoloured caps branded ‘BIG SMITH’ for sale in order to aid a back to school drive for the September 2022 school term.

The caps are flex fit (expandable) and carry an air hole on the top. They are also ideal for persons who are unable to wear the regular caps that apply pressure to the temple causing headaches.

The initiative is ongoing to raise funds for a ‘Haversacks and Backpack drive’ which will be launched within two weeks.

In addition to the sale of the caps, a BBQ is also slated for June. The proceeds from both events will go towards purchasing haversacks for children across the country to aid in their return to school for the September term. The aim is to purchase a minimum of five thousand haversacks and backpacks

Recently, the BIG Smith News team travelled to New Amsterdam where five hundred kites were distributed to children in a number of communities.

During that exercise, a preliminary assessment was done and it was determined that several children who benefited from the kite distributions were living with single parents and guardians.

Contact was then made with the Ministry of Education to facilitate a process of the BIG Smith News Watch brand working through the respective Regional Education Officers to identify the most vulnerable students who can benefit from this soon to be launched initiative.

Persons desirous of contributing to the ‘Haversacks and Backpack Drive’ can do so buy purchasing a ‘BIG SMITH’ cap and by supporting the BBQ slated for June.

We encourage persons to get on board with this initiative as we contribute to ensuring that we all do our part to help each child with the basic tools to return to school.

Persons desirous of supporting the initiative can call 223 8080 to place their orders. The caps are being sold for GYD $7,500.