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ASP Delon Fraser; from humble beginnings

ASP Delon Fraser; from humble beginnings

Assistant Superintendent of Police Delon Fraser

Police officer, Assistant Superintendent Delon Fraser spent most of his childhood days in Festival City, Georgetown where he was born and raised along with his four siblings.

Thereafter, he moved to Albouystown where he lived as he attended the New Campbellville Secondary School. Recently, Fraser spoke with BIG Smith News Watch about his childhood and now career. “Growing up, I was always considered a classroom nerd,” Fraser recalled to this publication.

“I learn from a very young age that once you are academically inclined you gain respect and you gain attention and that is what drove me as a young lad,” he added.

After completing his Secondary education, young Fraser began looking for potential jobs to which he can apply. It was during our interview that he recalled asking his grandfather who was a Senior Superintendent in the Guyana Police Force (GPF) at the time, what career path to take having accomplished Grade II passes in seven subjects.

“It wasn’t surprising that he would say join the force and that’s how come I am here,” the now 33-year-old stated.

Delon Fraser is celebrating 16 years as a police officer and according to him, he has fallen in love with his job and its ability to influence positive change and that keeps him going.

“I believe in the fact of helping and growing people and I believe being here for so long, would have allowed me the opportunity to not only assist people within the organization but also to help members of the public to have a different view of the force,” he told BIG Smith News Watch.

ASP Fraser has since acquired a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a Law Degree from the University of Guyana. Through his education and experiences, Delon Fraser stated that he is on a mission to change the public’s view of the Force.

“Let persons know not all police officers are the same and not everybody you should paint with the same brush. There are persons who are there to make a difference and I see myself as one of those persons,” the young officer said.

In his free time, the stellar young man who is also a part of the Toastmasters club, Rotaract and other organisations, offers training to young people in and out of Guyana.

Using his skills and knowledge acquired through the Toastmasters club, Fraser offers training on Mastering the art of public speaking.

The young officer in 2019, embarked on training 300 youths through Facebook but at the end of the year, this number increased to 700 with the help of various youth groups across the country.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fraser said he continues his training sessions using Zoom and has increased participation to persons outside of Guyana.

Asked what quote he lives by, the Officer said “the acquisition of knowledge is not for self-gratification but it is to change the status quo and living conditions of mankind.” This he said highlights the importance of knowledge but also its power to change situations for the betterment of those involved.