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21-Y-O killed in robbery five days before birthday

MURDERED: Danesh Persaud
Danesh Persaud 21-Y-O of Stratsphey, East Coast Demerara was this afternoon killed in a robbery at a shop he operates.

Persaud we were told, was at the time of the robbery in his shop where he sell music equipment.

His father Devin Persaud told BIG Smith News Watch that he was in another section of the shop when his son came to him and said he was just robbed and the bandits pushed a knife straight through his neck. He asked his father to take him to the hospital as he said he does not believe he would be able to make it.

The young businessman died while on his way to the Balwant Singh Hospital in Georgetown.

Persaud was robbed of his jewellery and cash.

21-Y-O killed in robbery five days before birthday
The business place where the robbery took place

At the crime scene, the police cordoned off the the area as they conducted their investigations.

We were told that at least two knives were found by the detectives.

The young man would have celebrated his birthday on Tuesday of next week.