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‘100% Vaccinated’ Pins now on the market

What the vaccinated pins look like

A local marketing company has introduced the 100% Covid-19 Vaccination Pin as a way of persons who are fully vaccinated from the virus, to encourage others to become fully vaccinated.

AA Marketing Company Incorporated on Thursday announced the pins which are available at a cost of $1000 Guyana Dollars at locations which will be soon announced.

The company noted that with masks, vaccination and sanitizing being the best lines of defense against the virus, vaccination remains an important part of the process to slow the spread and as such, believes that the ‘100% Vaccinated’ Pins will encourage unvaccinated persons to be vaccinated.

“Our company is a relatively young establishment with an amazing track record. In 2020, our ‘Essential Worker’ pins were a huge hit. Pins were also presented to frontline employees and first responders to commemorate their courage and commend their determination in the face of adversity, during the uncertain times at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.” The company noted.

AA Marketing in its release noted that the ‘100% Vaccinated’ pins will promote the importance for persons to be fully vaccinated. It also noted that the pins will act as a symbolic sign of support for the fight against the coronavirus.

The ‘vaccinated pins’ can serve several purposes including that of a tie pin or brooch.

While they are being sold at retail prices for the general public, companies, agencies and corporations can also place orders for bulk purchases which attracts a discount.